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Greater Jobs
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Learn new skills. Inspire others. Change lives. Get into care.

Do you want a career where you’ll be able to make a difference, every single day? Consider a career in care and join the fourth emergency service in Salford – with workers now eligible to receive the Real Living Wage (all care workers in the city will receive the Real Living Wage from 1 April 2022. This will uplift salaries to £9.90 per hour. An extra £768 per year).

There are so many opportunities to get into care. Don’t have any experience? That’s fine! There’s training available for you and a career in care offers a direct route to progress with opportunities to further develop your skills and take on more responsibility.

Looking for flexible work? There are flexible hours available as care providers know how important it is for their staff to have the right work-life balance. 

It’s also never too late to start a career in care or to seek it as your first role. Age will never be a factor with people of all ages welcome and encouraged to become a carer. 

So, if you are kind, patient and compassionate then now might be the time to join the next generation of care workers. You’ll get so much back from looking after others and watching them shine. We have vacancies that are waiting to be filled so make sure you apply soon. 

Do something remarkable with your career. Get into care. 

Amanda’s story

Need more convincing? Here’s Amanda’s story to tell you about the benefits of working in care. 

“I first started working in the care environment when I was 17 in what was then known as The Geriatric Ward at Ladywell Hospital. I was taking the tea trolley around and serving meals. I found it a rewarding environment to work in as I developed a strong connection with the elderly patients. Since then my journey has seen me progress to care home manager and I can truly say that my career has been highly fulfilling.

“After the hospital, I took a short childcare break then returned to paid employment by taking a job working nights in a care home, then moving into community care with social services , and then extra care where I was promoted to being a senior carer. It was in this job that things really changed for me. I had a fantastic manager who became, and still is, a mentor. Not only did she teach me about the management of staff, she provided encouragement and guidance around what the purpose of the job is. She demonstrated that it’s more of a vocation working for the residents, brightening their days, listening to them and having compassion. One way or another, dementia, or dealing with dementia, affects us all, so you should always treat people with the respect and dignity you would expect for yourself.

“Understanding dementia is the hardest part but you soon learn that each person has different needs and requirements. But the thought of making a difference to someone’s life is the genuinely fulfilling part. It brings emotional rewards that far outweigh any financial benefits. Even for end of life care the job can be beautiful because you give them everything they need and want at the end of their life. Their family sees this and stays with them forever giving them peace of mind that you’re making everything right for their loved ones.

“I will say that the job does bring more smiles and laughs that far outweigh the sad times. I would recommend anyone who likes people and has compassion to consider a career in Health and Social Care. You will be making a difference.”

How do I apply?

Convinced by Amanda that this is the right job for you? To register as a candidate for a role, please email your CV and contact details to

What do I need to apply?

To be eligible to apply for the vacancies: 

  • You must be a resident of Greater Manchester (Salford residents will be prioritised in the first instance)
  • Be able to provide proof of identity (proof of address, drivers’ licence, passport, national insurance)
  • Have an up-to-date CV
  • Contact details (phone number and email address)
  • A good level of literacy and numeracy
  • You must be reliable, hardworking and have a good attitude for the role
  • You must be able to communicate effectively.