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Oldham is committed to developing a Co-operative future; one where citizens, partners and staff work together to improve the borough. We want all members of the community to play an active part in building our co-operative borough. This means everybody doing their bit.

Our values

To help make this ambition a reality we have developed Co-operative values. We will encourage our staff, citizens and partners to adopt these values in everything they do:

Fairness - We will champion fairness and equality of opportunity, and ensure working together brings mutual benefits and the greatest possible added value. We will enable everyone to be involved.

Openness - We will be open and honest in our actions and communications. We will take decisions in a transparent way and at the most local level possible.

Responsibility - We take responsibility for, and answer to our actions. We will encourage people to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Mutual benefits go hand-in-hand with mutual obligations.

Working together - We will work together and support each other in achieving common goals, making sure the environment is in place for self-help.

Accountability - We recognise and act upon the impact of our actions on others, and hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders.

Respect - We recognise and welcome different views and treat each other with dignity and respect.

Democracy - We believe and act within the principles of democracy and promote these across the borough.

Our behaviours

So, now you know more about Oldham Council’s values but what do they mean in practice?

Well, we’ve developed five key examples of the types of behaviours we want team members at Oldham to show in their day-to-day work.

They are:

Image: Work with a Resident Focus

Working with a resident focus

A vital part of working for any local authority is working with a resident focus. Whether you opt to apply for a role in which you’ll meet residents every day or one that doesn’t have direct contact, that doesn’t change. We want all our staff to approach their job in the right way and consider if their decisions and are in the best interests of local residents.

Image: Support Local Leaders

Support local leaders

It’s important that we support our elected local leaders and help them to achieve their aims for the town. Whether that means simply doing your job well and contributing to the smooth running of the organisation or directly assisting councillors with tasks, it’s vital we do so and do so well.

Mohammed - Supporting local leaders.png

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Image: Committed to the Borough

Committed to the borough

Whether in or out of work, we want all Oldham Council employees to be committed to and role models for our wonderful town. We’re very proud to work for Oldham and we want you to be too. There are some fantastic things happening here and we want all our team to be proud of that and share our message.

Social Worker - commitment to the Borough.png

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Image: Take Ownership and Drive Change

Take ownership and drive change

We live in a fast-paced, rapidly changing world which makes it vital that we understand the need for change and be open and positive about new ways of working and learning. We want our team members to anticipate the needs of residents, look for improvements in the way we support them and think about how we could do so more effectively.

Regeneration - Driving Change.png

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Image: Deliver High Performance

Deliver high performance

It’s important to ensure we set clear targets and look to be efficient in everything we do. We want team members to be challenging, look to improve existing ways of working and take responsibility for their personal development.

Catherine - Delivering High Performance.png

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