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Our values of Pride, Passion, People and Personal Responsibility clearly represent what Salford City Council stands for.


They are central to the council and underpin the way that we work, make decisions and do business. They are embedded in our policies as well as the way in which we behave with colleagues, customers and partners - so that we live and breathe our values each day.

These values are reinforcing our culture and informing the way in which we are transforming our services so that they are quicker, easier and better. Pride, Passion, People and Personal Responsibility describe the personal qualities every employee is expected to demonstrate when carrying out their role. Putting the values in to practice across the whole organisation creates a supportive environment which allows us 'to be the best we can be.'

Our values in action


I'm proud of and committed to our city, its people, our work, and I demonstrate the 'Spirit of Salford' in everything I do.

  • I am proud of the role that I play in serving the people of Salford
  • I take pride in my work and take ownership to get it right first time, every time
  • I accept the trust and responsibility invested in me as an ambassador for the city


I respect and care for others, treating everyone fairly, listening and acting on the things people say.

  • I put residents and others at the heart of what I do - doing things with people, not to them
  • I treat all colleagues, partners and residents with the dignity and respect that they deserve
  • I recognise and value the contribution that others can make to the work that I do


I am optimistic and ambitious for the city and its people, being creative and positive about change and making the most of opportunities.

  • I generate new ideas, demonstrate initiative and share best practice
  • I develop strong retionships and joint working with partners and others to deliver the best possible outcomes for the people of Salford
  • I engage with others in a positive way to change and improve how we work

Personal responsibility

I am honest, taking responsibility and ownership for my actions and decisions and using resources that I am trusted with wisely.

  • I am open and able to explain my actions and decisions to others, raising issues and solutions in a respectful way
  • I contribute to solving problems, changing how we do things and delivering the best possible outcomes
  • I use the resources available to me effectively and efficiently and look for opportunities to do things better