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Greater Manchester is entering a new era – a greener, fairer, and more prosperous era, for everyone who lives and works there.

Greater Manchester’s history of innovation and partnership has made us the region we are today. We have the foundations to create an ambitious and successful future for communities across the city-region but what does that look like?

A greener Greater Manchester - our collective ambitions around decarbonising our city-region are unprecedented, and we are already taking action to translate that ambition into reality.

A fairer Greater Manchester - in Greater Manchester, the Covid 19 pandemic exacerbated longstanding inequalities, as well as highlighting new ones. The impact has been unequal and unfair, affecting different people, places and communities across Greater Manchester in very different ways. Tackling these inequalities is central to our vision for the future.

A more prosperous Greater Manchester - Greater Manchester is ready to lead the local and UK economic recovery from the pandemic with a vision for the future built around our greatest strengths, and with equality for all at its core. Our vision for economic growth is to be more equitable and socially responsible, bringing opportunities and prosperity to all.

This event will bring together people from across Greater Manchester, who are all playing their part in our next exciting era.

Our Greater Manchester Strategy for 2021 - 2031 will be at the heart of this new era, and we'll be sharing the plans that have been shaped by voices throughout the city-region.

Greater Manchester is one of the country's most successful city regions.  Home to more than 2.8 million people and with an economy bigger than that of Wales or Northern Ireland.  Our vision is to make Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world to grow up, get on and grow old.  We're getting there through a combination of economic growth, and the reform of public services.

Here in Greater Manchester we believe in leading the way and doing things differently.  Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) plays a huge role in bringing people and organisations together.  Devolution gives local people more control over issues that affect our area.  It means that city regions speak with one voice and we can make the strongest case for resources and investment.  It also helps the entire North of England achieve its full potential.

Come and Join Us

As an employer, GMCA is an integrated organisation made up of a number of key pan-Greater Manchester strategic functions and service providers including: waste; environment; works and skills; research; public sector reform; police; crime and criminal justice; homelessness; the Greater Manchester Aging Hub; the Commissioning Hub; and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS).

The employment opportunities at GMCA cover a broad range of roles in the teams above to support functions in areas including:

  • Human Resources, Payroll, Pensions, Recruitment
  • Corporate Support, Finance, Procurement, Estates, Catering
  • ICT, Digital Services, System Support, Service Desk, Data Analysis, Radio/Voice Communications
  • Comms and Engagement (Communications, Media, Digital)
  • Core Investment
  • In addition there are Project Management and Administrative roles across the organisation

Be part of it!

Greater Manchester Strategy: Our People, Our Place There is a new plan for Greater Manchester. It's called Our People, Our Place. It has been written by all 10 councils, the Mayor, the NHS, transport, the police and the fire service, with help from businesses, voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, and members of the public. The plan covers health, wellbeing, work and jobs, housing, transport, skills, training and economic growth.

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