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Get Oldham Working supports local residents into sustainable employment and is part of the Council’s Lifelong Learning, Employment, Investment and Skills team.

Jenna Rogers joined Oldham Council as a Higher Apprentice in December 2017, working in the Economy and Skills department with the Get Oldham Working team. Jenna said “Joining the Get Oldham Working team opened my eyes to new opportunities and new ways of learning. Being an apprentice allowed me to continue my studies and gain a qualification whilst working with an established, fast pace, fun team.”

Jenna was studying her A Levels and had been working with the team during the summer to be able to gain work experience between 2014-2016. She then completed her studies and began working with the team through agency, to support with business administration before heading to University.

After a year at University Jenna decided the route of learning and staying in education was not for her and applied for a Higher Apprentice role in which she was successful and returned to the team.


Jenna said “During my time with the team I was given many opportunities to learn and develop both academically and personally. I was able to complete a Level 4 Project Management qualification and quickly progressed into a full time Quality and Compliance role with the team within 12 months." Jenna has completed an Associate Project Management qualification as well as her Level 4 Project Management Apprenticeship.

Jenna during her time with the team began as project support, completing administration tasks and providing support to other members of the team to elevate their workload. She then began to take on more responsibility with quality and compliance and ensuring the paperwork in which the team was completing was to contractual standard. She has also developed her skills in performance management and taken on a managerial role by line managing 3 members of the team.

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