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There really is a lot to be said about an apprenticeship in the public sector. They are a great way to gain valuable experience, earn as you learn and work towards a recognised qualification.

Here at Trafford Council we have a real passion for apprenticeships and believe they bring benefit to both ourselves as an organisation and to people wanting to take that first step towards a career in the public sector. Take a look at some of the success stories of a few of our recent apprentices below.

Ciaran Smith, aged 23, is a Digital Marketing Apprentice in the Marketing and Communications Team.

He said “I am currently employed in the Communications and Marketing Team at Trafford Council, studying a BSC Level 3 in Digital Marketing and a Level 4 CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing.

I love working for Trafford Council especially within the Communications Team. I live in Trafford and went to school in Trafford, so I love the feeling that I get knowing that I'm contributing to my local area."


“Every day is different working in the Communications Office, as the work is very varied. I believe that the experience of working for Trafford Council is entirely unique. I enjoy working with all my colleagues and even though I've not been working here that long, I've been made to feel very welcome and it feels like I've been part of the team a lot longer. “

Ciaran has secured a role within the organisation in the Communications team for our Clinical Commissioning Group.


Jade Gillick, aged 24, is a Customer Service Apprentice in the Council’s Bereavement Team at Altrincham Crematorium.

Jade, who has been at Trafford Council since October last year, said “I'm really enjoying my role at Trafford Council. When I come into work in the mornings, my main job is taking calls from people who want to book funerals and burials.

I’m learning a lot about customer service and how to deal with a number of inquiries from the public."

“My apprenticeship is Level 2 and lasts for two years. I feel this apprenticeship is teaching me so much and offering me a strong future within the public sector.”   

Megan Skelhorn works in the Public Health team at Trafford Council.

She said “Currently I am part of the Public Health team at Trafford Council, working towards a Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration.

It’s amazing working here, especially with the Public Health team being so supportive, and knowing that I'm working with them to improve the health of the borough which I have lived in all my life".


“I get to work on so many important programmes and projects which have helped me to improve and develop my skills, and most importantly, my confidence. This has quite honestly been one of the most useful and most enjoyable experiences of my life.”

Megan has now got a job as a Public Health Support officer after successfully completing her apprenticeship.

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