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ARC Centre Companionship Volunteer

Social Care

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Blackpool Council

ARC Centre Companionship Volunteer

Please note this is a volunteer vacancy and not paid employment.

To offer companionship and engagement in leisure activities with adults in a one to one or group-based setting, this may be in the communal area or the individual’s room, at the ARC supported by other Volunteers and Staff.

What is the ARC?
• The Assessment and Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) is a 33 bedded service providing rehabilitation and intermediate care to the residents of Blackpool.
• The ARC is a unique service that provides a holistic approach to care, support and comprises of an integrated team of Blackpool Council and NHS staff.
• The ARC is fundamental in supporting NHS services by facilitating discharges from our local hospital’s busy acute wards.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Offer companionship to the people they spend time with.
• Participating in creative and recreational activities with individuals in a group setting utilising the communal area with other volunteers, under the guidance of the staff team.
• Participating in creative and recreational activities with individual in their own rooms if access to the communal area is restricted, under the guidance of the staff team.
• Interacting with people around a variety of subjects that may be of interest to the individual.
• Providing refreshments under the direction of a senior staff member if this falls within the boundaries of an interaction.
• Demonstrate respect and sensitivity to all individuals and ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times.
• Referring the individual to the appropriate member of staff if further help is required, that is outside the remit or the boundaries of the volunteer role.
• Attend training needed to fulfil their role.
• Discuss activities with the Voluntary Services Officer (VSO) which deviate from the tasks listed above.
• To follow the agreed activity plan.
• Follow safeguarding rules to report to VSO any concerns.
• Follow infection control guidelines.

What days and times will I be required?
Volunteers are usually expected to attend a minimum of 2 – 3 hours per week. Volunteers are needed at various times on various days throughout the week, from Monday to Sunday.

Volunteers are expected to:
• Take part in the induction programme arranged by the VSO.
• Attend training and support meetings.
• Meet with the VSO for reviews to talk about how things are going.
• Maintain an awareness of other services that support Carers and use this knowledge to signpost people.
• Be accountable to the VSO.

Who do I report to?
• You will be allocated a VSO as your main contact for the Volunteer Service, though you will be able to speak with any of the VSO’s if you need to.
• Whilst volunteering your main contact will be the Senior Carer on duty.

Skills and Experience:
• Be able to work independently or as part of a team.
• Volunteers need to be patient, understanding and have a genuine interest in people.
• Volunteers should have an approachable and friendly manner.
• Be conscientious, reliable, and punctual.
• Good communication and listening skills are also needed.
• Treat people with respect regardless of background.
• Display a non-judgemental attitude.
• Understand the importance of, and practice of confidentiality.
• Previous experience in a health and social care is very helpful, although it is not essential

What are the limitations in this role?
• Respect individual confidentiality.
• Do not provide counselling or personal advice.
• Do not give advice based on your own personal experiences.
• Do not discuss the individual’s illness or appearance.
• Do not provide personal care.
• Do not escort individuals to or from the toilet.
• Do not escort individuals around the building.

Training, Support and Expenses:
• Volunteers receive ongoing support through meetings and monthly social activities
• Opportunities to meet on a one-to-one basis with the VSO
• Training is offered and further arrangements can be made to meet personal needs
• Out of pocket expenses can be claimed back including travel expenses

As a minimum, local induction will include:
• Local orientation.
• Local Health and Safety arrangements.
• Fire Procedure.
• Location of signing in register.
• Role profile.
• Introduction to Staff Volunteer lead.
• Arrangements for training and support.
• Procedure if unable to attend for duties.

What are the opportunities for Personal Development?
• Further develop people skills.
• Build confidence.
• Demonstrate commitment.
• Increased Self Esteem.
• Increased mental wellbeing.

What are the benefits to the individuals and organisation?
• Supporting the ARC to achieve its goals.
• Operate alongside paid staff, to assist in the delivery of a high quality service in a holistic manner.
• Improve the wellbeing of the individuals you will support, improving their recovery.

One of the priorities of Blackpool Council is to build stronger and more resilient communities and volunteering plays a key role in contributing towards this, by giving people the opportunity to contribute to the communities they live in. Blackpool Council being an equal opportunities recruiter means that volunteering is open to everyone.

If interested in joining our amazing team of volunteers, or if you would like more information, then please contact us on 01253 476884 and one of our Volunteer Officers will be happy to talk to you.

Applications can only be accepted from people living within the Blackpool Boundary.



working hours


application deadline

11 59 pm

30th Sep 2023

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