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Greater Jobs
Greater Jobs

There’s something special about the RHS Garden Bridgewater. It’s only the second garden attraction that the Royal Horticultural Society have opened in the North of England and it will be only one of five across the whole country.

The RHS Garden Bridgewater is a new spectacular 154-acre garden, transforming the historic grounds of Worsley New Hall in Salford into a beautiful green place for the local community and visitors to enjoy all year-round. They will also create job and career opportunities for many Salford residents.

The year 2020 has been strange and challenging in equal measure. These gardens were due to open in the Spring of 2020, they will now open in 2021, at a date to be confirmed. When they open, they will provide a wonderful tranquil escape from everyday life and especially from the trials and tribulations that this year has delivered.

The benefits the gardens will bring are enormous. It will be a sumptuous green space breaking up the urban sprawl and contributing to slowing the pace of climate change. They will contribute in many ways towards much needed rewilding of urban spaces. They will provide a sanctuary for bees and butterflies to pollinate plants encouraging their growth and bringing increased CO2 absorption.
The gardens will also provide a wonderful escape to de-stress after a frantic day to giving you healthy physical exercise space in the 'green gym'. Or just a place relax and socialise with a coffee, tea, meal, snack or cake in the fabulous onsite café.

The hope is the gardens will not just provide a visitor attraction but will appeal to people that are passionate about gardening and growing their own produce, as well as hopefully encouraging more people to take up growing their own plants in whatever space they have available. There is mounting evidence that gardens and gardening have an increasingly important role to play in our busy lives and for our mental wellbeing. The retail facilities on site will reflect this offering a range of plants, seeds and horticultural products along with expert tips and advice.

And on top of all of that, and of major importance to the community, there are the many career opportunities with a special opportunity for Salford residents to be the first in line for the many jobs that are being created in this part of the city. In agreement with the Royal Horticultural Society, Salford City Council have developed an early matching service, giving local people a window of opportunity to be the first to apply, giving them a head start over everyone else.

The first jobs on offer are in the catering, hospitality, customer service, retail, facilities maintenance and visitor services. The appointments will start early in the New Year and provide a welcome boost to the local economy. The jobs can be applied for through the Salford Employment and Recruitment team.

Take a look at the vacancies and find out how to apply.