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Greater Jobs
Greater Jobs is the place to look for public sector jobs in the North West. Home to every single job for 12 local authorities and services (and counting) in and around Greater Manchester, we advertise opportunities that make our communities great places to live and work. builds on the success of our old identity, yourcounciljobs. In fact, we’re run by the same group of employers. But we’re more than a job board. Everything on this site is designed to help you see the impact you could make on people and communities in the North West.


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Going further closer to home

Since yourcounciljobs was launched in 2010, the public sector has changed dramatically. Councils work together more now – and so do other public sector organisations. Devolution is happening too, which will bring local authorities and partners (like the NHS) even closer. We needed to reflect those changes on our website. We needed to go further. And we did, with a simpler application process, and real insight into our regions and organisations.


Standing out from the crowd

All our boroughs are unique, with their own heritage, culture, landmarks and scenery. Each location page is different to express this individuality, with personalised pages and bespoke illustrations showing what it is that makes our boroughs special.

From the golden beaches of Blackpool and Fylde to the rich industrial heritage of Oldham, Greater Manchester and the North West really does have a lot to offer. Home to more than 2.7 million people and with an economy bigger than that of Wales or Northern Ireland, our vision is to make our regions even better.

Candidate Engagement

As well as making our website visually appealing, we also realise the importance of creating a seamless, enjoyable, and user friendly candidate experience. Our partners each have their own application site which also include bespoke illustrations, to maintain the individuality we are keen to express.

We aim to ensure that advertisements are informative but concise; providing an accurate description of what each role involves and what the successful candidate would be expected to achieve. Being clear about this is important to ensure that both employers and their potential employee have a good understanding of what they can expect.

Site Statistics

We have had fantastic success since our launch, achieving incredible site statistics; within a year we received more than 16 million page views. This is not only because of the hundreds of exciting opportunities available at one time, but also because of the interesting and informative content pages which provide a real taste of what it’s like to work in our regions and for our organisations.

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Award Winners

Since our launch we have won three national awards. We were delighted to have been awarded 'The Role of HR Innovation' at the PPMA Awards 2017 and the 'Best Niche Job Board' at the Onrec Awards 2017. We also won 'Best Illustration/Photography' in the craft category at the Recruitment Business Awards 2017.

More than council jobs

There really is more to than council careers. As well as showing you what it’s really like to live and work in the North West, we promote a wide range of public sector jobs. At schools and academies, leisure organisations and housing providers, and key services like Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and Transport for Greater Manchester. The breadth is huge. Especially when you factor in opportunities at every level – from apprentices right up to senior managers. It’s all there. All you need to do is search, click and apply.