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Well done!  You’ve got this far and been invited to interview but what are the important things to remember?


Presentation is key - dress smartly even if it’s for an outdoor job!  Smart business wear makes a good impression and shows that you are serious about the role.  Shake hands and address our answers to everyone on the panel.

Be early – give yourself plenty of time to get to the venue and make sure you know where you are going beforehand, where the car park is and so on.   You don’t want to arrive hot and bothered on the last minute!

Prepare your answers – read through your application and the job description so you know what’s expected of you and have a good think about what skills and experience you have that match the requirements of the role – remember it’s not just work experience – voluntary work counts, too.

Speak clearly, slowly and with confidence – we know that you will be nervous so take your time, don’t rush your answers and if you are struggling with a question, ask for it to be repeated or re-phrased or even ask to come back to it again later in the interview. 

If your interview is virtual, make sure you are still dressed appropriately, there is no background clutter and you are in a quiet area away from family and pets!  All this helps to make a professional first impression.

Don’t take it personally – remember if you don’t get the job this time, it just means that there was someone with more relevant skills and experience on the day.  Make sure you ask for feedback following your interview and take on board what the recruiter is saying - there’ll always be a next time so chalk this one up to experience.

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